Jack Links Meat Snacks



Why should you choose Jack Link’s for your next fundraising project? Here are a few bits of information that will help you get started in raising more money than you can shake an X-Stick at…

Jack Link’s…

  • Is a great tasting, healthy alternative to sugary, fattening candy.
  • Requires no refrigeration (Jack Link’s won’t melt in the sun).
  • Has a 12+month shelf life on every product.
  • Fundraising helps you to keep up to half of every dollar you sell — that means you can make up to 50% profit!
  • Helps folks to feel good about their snacking choices.
  • Is a great source of on-the-go protein!
  • Requires minimum order of one case of jerky.
  • Has a wide product range including peppered jerky, turkey jerky, 100-calorie snack packs and a variety of jerky flavors.

…And that, folks, is everything you’ll need to know about the easiest fundraiser this side of the Mississippi (actually, across the whole country!).


Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
Jacks Links Jack Links Beef stick .05 oz 400 Super Gravity Feed Box

Jack Links Beef stick .05 oz 400 Super Gravity Feed Box

    Super Sized 400 .05 oz Beef Sticks   Comes in 8 boxes of 50 beef sticks Comes in a gravity feed box, Sell for $ 1.00 each...
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